How We Do It In Dixie

Sun and Fun on the Redneck Riviera……..

A couple of weeks ago, I packed up with Mrs. Jenna Danielle Moore and headed South (our FAVORITE direction!)  We loaded up Ol’ Blue, our trusty Dodge  Ram 1500 Sport Pick-up Truck and set out on our journey through the  Heart of Dixie-Land.  Part business, Part Pleasure and ALL fun was what lay in store for us on this 3 day trip.  Bound for the Flora-Bama in Perdido Key, Florida on the Alabama/Florida line.  The Mighty Flora-Bama is known as “The Last Great American RoadHouse” and has become a favorite Honky  Tonk -Tour Stop for The Dallas Moore Band and a very special destination for myself and Mrs. Moore as we once renewed our Wedding Vows there with Donna Slater presiding over the ceremony in true Flora-Bama style and have had some of the best times of our life together on the Beach and in the Bars surrounding  the area known as the “REDNECK RIVIERA.”  We left a day earlier than my Brothers in the  Band to ensure as much Beach Time as possible.  With our Band not scheduled to play til late each night, we had nothing but Sun, Surf, Sugar White Sands and BUSHWHACKERS dancing in our heads.  Up and at ’em early (after a late night show the night before at the Infamous Knotty Pine in Cincinnati,Ohio) we rolled Ol’ Blue out of Southern Ohio, crossed the river into the Bluegrass State of Kentucky and we were Officially “SOUTHBOUND!”

Ready to Roll Ol' Blue Down to Dixie!!

I LOVE the State of Kentucky.  The Land of  The Bourbon and the Bluegrass is one of my favorite places on Earth.  Both of our families are deeply rooted in Kentucky and we had alot of fun on the drive tellin’ tales of when we were young’ns on each of our families farms and stories passed down from generations of our kin folks.  The Fall leaves were in the very beginning stages of the beautiful burnt hues they will eventually become and the scenery was awesome.  As much as I Love “My Ol’ Kentucky Home” our destination was a 14 hour drive away that I was Hell bent and determined to make in 12 hours.  With no hesitation and yours truly at the helm of the wheel, Ol’ Dallas put the “Pedal On The Right” all the way down and before you could say “Trashville says our Musics Dead And Gone” we had blown through KY and rolled around the familiar curves of Nashville, Tennessee…Music City U.S.A.  It seems I have always had a  Love/Hate relationship with Nashville.  I LOVE the Town, the Friends we’ve made, the Restaurants, Honky Tonks and History.  I HATE most of today’s “country music” and the whole Nashville System that perpetuates the pop country charade that has become modern day Top 40  Radio Country.  Needless to say, since we weren’t in town playing a show at 12th & Porter or 3rd and Lindsley (two of our Favorite spots to jam off of Nashville’s beaten path) I made like my friend Shooter Jennings says and kept it “STEADY AT THE WHEEL!” It seemed like a flash and we were GONE out of Tennessee and marveling at the Stars and Bars just across the Alabama line.  Now friends, on this trip, once you hit the Alabama line you still got a LONG way to go with Birmingham bein’ just about the halfway point, give or take a little.  Stopping only to fuel up and runnin’ Ol’ Blue like a scalded dog, we hauled ass towards Montgomery, home of Hank Williams Grave and the BEST Fried Green Tomato and Bacon Sammich on Gods Green Earth.  Swill yerself a Peach Sweet Tea and you are in the Heaven that is the Deep South.  By this time the Sun had been down for hours so we locked in with the tail lights of a few Brother Truckers, Loaded up the CD player with NOTHING but WAYLON GODDAMN JENNINGS and rolled on into the night.  Again, in what seemed like no time we made the Alabama/Florida line and were pulling up to “Ye Old River House” across the street from the Flora-Bama.  Checking my watch, I was tickled to realize that we made our trek in a record 12 hours and 15 minutes from our drive-way in Ohio.  HOME SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!

Steady At The Wheel!!

We started our day off right with a visit to The REEF Bar and a round of Ice Cold PBR’s.  Our Great Friends (and bizness partners) Brian DeBruler and Michelle D’Amico  from our label SOL RECORDS and the band PURE GRAIN made their virgin trip to the Flora-Bama and arrived early in the morning and joined us at The REEF to do our  our daily internet updates.  Gotta take care of Bizness before we start playin’ hardball and havin’ FUN!  With a few cold one’s down and our morning work done, we wasted NO time hittin’ the beach.


The Flora-Bama!!










The Sugar White Sands and 84 degree Sunshine of Perdido Beach wished us a WARM Welcome to the Gulf Of Mexico!  We enjoyed Royal Red Shrimp, Fish Bites, Oysters and (best of all) BUSHWHACKERS from the Flora-Bama as our 1st meal of the day.  For those who don’t know, a “BUSHWHACKER” is the famed House Drink of the Flora-Bama.  A wickedly delicious concoction that tastes eerily similar to a Frosty at Wendy’s with several varieties of Rum infused in it!  The late, great Rusty McHugh had a song about it called the “Bushwhacker Boogie” which told the tale of many who met their early evening demise at the hands of the dastardly Bushwhacker.  The hook line was “The Bushwhacker Boogie…..You Think Your Dancin’ But Your Really Just Fallin’ Down.”  I can tell y’all from personal experience, I have been Bushwhacked in all it’s glory and lived to tell about it!  If ya pace yourself right and ya take a late afternoon nap, you’re in pretty good shape to wake up, eat, and enjoy a few cocktails and lefty’s on the back deck of the River House while taking in the Breathtaking Sunset that I like to refer to as “The Calm Before The Storm” that is about to take place when The Dallas Moore Band hits the stage to a standing room only crowd in the BAMA DOME at the Flora-Bama.  Pictured below is a picture of both the “Calm” AND the “Storm.”

The Calm Before The Storm!

The Storm!!










Day two offered even more Beach time and all the Brothers in the Dallas Moore Band, as well as our good friend Ben Bowman from Prospect, KY enjoyed our time at the Ocean and the TIKI Bar.  We also got to eat at BELLA LUNA to enjoy our favorite slice of New York Style Pizza Margherita on the planet.  I have enjoyed a slice at the finest pizzeria’s in New York City and swear that NONE can compare to Bella Luna in Perdido Key and I’ll stand on Anthony Bourdains coffee table in my sand spurred cowboy boots and tell him so By GOD!!  After a day of Sun & Fun with family and friends,  we retired for a late afternoon siesta.  When we awoke and cleaned up, we were pleasantly surprised by the arrival of Professor Neil Hamilton and his wife Lesli.  Ol’ Professor Neil is an Author as well as a Professor at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama.  He is a really cool cat that we got to meet while being interviewed for his upcoming book OUTLAWS: STILL AT LARGE detailing the History of Outlaw Country Music and Profiling the Modern Day Hard Core Troubadours that are carrying on the Music and expanding on the themes of Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, David Allan Coe, Billy Joe Shaver, etc. We are honored to be featured in Neil’s upcoming book and it’s always a lot of fun when we get together and see who REALLY is the King Of  Bullshit Mountain!

Saturday nights jam was equally as packed as Friday’s in the BAMA DOME and extra Rowdy given the early afternoon victory of the Alabama Crimson Tide over the boys from Arkansas. ROLL TIDE ROLL was the defiant war chant for the evening save for the LSU fans that had rolled in from South Louisiana, including BILBO STRAIN and The LOOZIANA WRECKIN’ CREW.  It was GREAT to see our Cajun friends and boogie woogie to whiskey soaked versions of JAMBALAYA and MARIE LAVEAU.  AYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEE!!!

On Sunday Morning, Jenna and I attended WORSHIP ON THE WATER.  The very unique Church Service presided over by Pastor Jeremy every Sunday at 11:00 am under the Big Top Tent outside the Flora-Bama.  Always inspiring music, fellowship and message.  Come as you are and leave feeling better about life than you did when you walked in.  Even if you don’t like to “Attend Church” this experience is recommended to all by Ol’ Dallas himself.  At the very least, you are welcome to enjoy a bloody mary to heal your wounds from the night before and enjoy the outstanding music that leads the charge.  I promise you will never think of  “CHURCH” the same!

Worship On The Water

Sunday afternoon’s “early” show found us easing onto the stage at 4:30 in the afternoon.  It wasn’t long before the groove was on and we had the pleasure of being joined onstage to jam by a few of the many STELLAR musicians that haunt the Flora-Bama.  On This day it was Pat McCann, guitarist for the Legendary songwriter FREDDIE POWERS, Jazz guitar wizard Rickey Whaley and our pal Mike Check-resident sound man extraordinaire for ALL of the stages at the ‘BAMA.  It’s always amazing and inspiring to jam with our friends!!!

Mike Check, Pat McCann & Dallas Moore!!

Monday was the day we had dreaded since before we left Ohio.  The rains had moved in and we had to move out of  “Ye Old River House” and head back North, leaving our friends and the Alabama Sunshine behind us until our next visit to our “HOME AWAY FROM HOME.”  Our trip down South wouldn’t be complete however without one last stop.  We pulled off the side road in Stapleton, Alabama to visit our “God Father” JODY PAYNE.  For those who don’t know, Jody was the Legendary Guitarist for Willie Nelson and Family for nearly 40 years.  He also played with Merle Haggard and a who’s who of Classic and Outlaw Country Artists in addition to releasing his own solo material.  Several years ago, while I was on tour opening for Willie, Jody and I struck up a conversation and realized that he had graduated  Norwood High School (my alma mater) one year ahead of my Mom, Madgelee Hanes Moore. We bonded over the next several years and shows and we had the honor of Jody joining us to make our  newest Cd “HANK TO THANK: LIVE AT HERZOG STUDIO.”  Most times when we play the Flora-Bama Jody joins us, but on this run the South Alabama/Florida Humidity was simply too much to take on so we are looking forward to jamming together in November of 2012 for the Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival.

We had a nice visit with Jody, his wife Vicki and sons Waylon and Austin.  I presented Jody with a Crystal Skull Ring  that is similar to the one I wear that Jody has often admired.  It is always a treat to be with our extended family The Paynes.  Until next time my friends….

After leaving Jody’s place we ambled on to I-65 North and rolled through TORRENTIAL rains all the way back Home to Ohio.  Out of all of our visits to the Redneck Riviera and the Mighty Flora-Bama this was DEFINITELY one of the BEST.  We are already looking forward to our next trip in November.  If you’ve never been, this l’il blog is just a small peek into our adventures and you MUST SEE IT FOR YOURSELF.  If you have already been there, well I’m sure we’ll see ya “Down On The Line” as I Know you’ll return.  The 1st BUSHWHACKER is on ME!  In the words of KINKY FRIEDMAN……. “Why The Hell Not!”

See Ya Down The Road…..





Bloggin’ Dog Tales…..

In my journey through life I have had the privilege to share the company, friendship and companionship of some really great Dogs.  True, honest and real-life examples of the very BEST of “Mans Best Friend.”  Growin’ up as a boy we lived in the City of Norwood, Ohio and didn’t have room for a large breed to run.  When I was around 4-5 yrs old I begged my folks for a Puppy and was tickled to death when Dad brought home “Spot” & “Streak,” two young beagle-mutt mixed pups named for their respective forehead markings.  We had no way of keeping them in the house and I was a heartbroken little kid when I came to find our back fence cut and both dogs stolen just a few short weeks after we brought ’em home.

Upon the realization that our new Pups were long gone, Mom & Dad decided that the best thing to do to cheer me (and the whole family) up was to get a new Dog.  Thus began my Mom’s long term relationship with small, Black French Poodles.  She had a few really good’ns over the years, “Buttons” being the 1st who lived to be nearly 14 years old. “Bandit,” “BB” and “Bullet” were all smart, fun little Dogs and great additions to our Family.  Mom & Dad both loved ’em, as did I, but I had always had a fascination with larger breeds.  Labradors in particular just struck me personally as the most handsome, smart, good-natured and loving Dogs on the face of God’s Green Earth.

For several years I had a Black Lab/Great Dane Mix named “BULL.”  He was really somethin’ else carrying the size of a Great Dane with the abundant energy and heart of a Labrador.  Looking majestically regal with his black coat and white crest on his chest, he carried himself as the King of the Castle and had more in common with the gait of a thoroughbred horse than his canine brethren.  I lost Ol’ “Bull” to an inoperable Cancer several years ago but his spirit lives on and I carry his memory, name & paw-print with me tattooed on my right inner forearm.  I know the Ol’ Bull is still watching over me and looking out for his master.  He sure was a Good Boy!!!

After a few years without a four legged friend to pal around with, I decided it was time to pick myself a new partner.  I’m the kinda man that NEEDS a Dog.  A true Best Friend by my side no matter what through good times or bad.  That lead me some 6 and a half years ago to Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue in Sardinia, Ohio.  I responded to an add they had for Labrador/Great Dane Mixes.  Once I got all the way out to the shelter (after blowing a tire and having my Brother Zack Heflin pick me up in his Taxi to make sure I made the appointment) I was initially disheartened to find no Lab/Dane mixes.  Only pure-breds of each.  I decided to look anyway and boy am I glad I did!  After visiting with several of the Dogs that were available for adoption and not finding a connection, I happened upon a small, black bundle of energy that literally bowled me over when he bounded out of his kennel.  I knew immediately that I had found my NEW BEST FRIEND.  The lady at the kennel said his name was “Yanni,” and I was surely not gonna keep it as that, reminding me of that new age piano playin’ fellar on the late night TV infomercials.  I thought of the name “JOHNNY” and then blurted out the name “JOHNNY CASH THE LAB IN BLACK,” and he came and sat by my side as if we had been friends forever.  We’ve literally been inseparable ever since (save for the dates when I am on the road and he stays with his “girlfriends” at Best Friends Pet Care/Grooming & Boarding).  We’ve went through our life waggin’ tales and howlin’ at the moon like the Ol’ Dawgs we are.  When I got a little heavy, Ol’ “Johnny” was puttin’ the feedbag on as well and it was getting the weight off of him at our Vets recommendation that drove me to get myself in the best shape of my life.  Whether we are on a walk, a run, playin’ in the nice big yard of his new palatial hacienda or just layin’ around being the sorry hounds that we are and drivin’ his Mommy Mrs. Moore crazy (we are BOTH good at that) I know I have my BEST FRIEND right by my side.  The old sayin’ goes “Every Crow Thinks Theirs Is The Blackest” but Ol’ Johnny Cash truly is the BEST DOG IN THE WORLD!

I’ve also gotta mention “Kate The Great.”  She belongs to my Father In Law “Wild Bill” Murray and is the best Bird dog I have ever seen in my life.  She literally runs circles around every dog in the field and at 13 years of age had her last hunt last season.  She has settled into a life of leisure campin’ out in Wild Bills E-Z Chair.  We are sure gonna miss her when hunting season comes around, and I’m sure we’ll have a much harder time bringing home our quarry without the expert help of  “Kate The Great!”

Gimme a holler and tell me YOUR “Dog Tales.”

See Ya Down The Road……



Redneck Rock N Roll Is Alive and Well!

Welcome back to my Blog with the latest and and greatest in our Redneck Rock N Roll World!  So much is happening all around us right now it is really making my predictions of 2012 being a one of the Best Years Ever come true.  There is triumph among the tragedy of  the recent Tornado devastation that has affected so many in our lands of Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Alabama.  People from every walk of life are pitching in and coming together to help those in need.  One of the ways we are helping out is joining our musical friends and family to perform at some of the MANY benefits being held in conjunction with the Red Cross Relief Effort. Please check our Tour Dates at for all dates and times and Thank YOU for helping those in need.

I’m very excited about several projects we have in the works right now!  One of which is the news that Ol’ Dallas has been booked to appear on an upcoming episode of the new Television Series “HEE-HAW 2: The Next Generation.”  When I was a kid growing up, it was Saturday Nights ritual to watch HEE-HAW with my Mom and Dad and I’m all fired up to take part in the new version of this Classic Country Show.

Another thing I am stoked about is being included in the upcoming book being written by my friend Neil Hamilton, PhD, Spring Hill College (Mobile, Alabama) on The History: Past, Present and Future of OUTLAW COUNTRY MUSIC.  I have participated in 3 interviews so far with more to come and I’m honored to be in the company of Jody Payne, Jamey Johnson, Shooter Jennings, Blackberry Smoke and MANY more artists that are keeping the music, traditions and lifestyle alive and well.  This is going to be a GREAT Read y’all.  Stay tuned for more details……

We have most of the recording for our next SOL Records Release “Blessed Be The Bad Ones” complete with just a few little finishing touches before we go to Mastering.  We are looking for a release date in Summer 2012!

Speaking of SOL RECORDS, fresh off of  the inaugural trip to the 2012 GRAMMY’S, I wanna send Congratulations to our Family in PURE GRAIN on taking the #1 spot on the Huge Country Music Video Channel Y’ALL WIRE with the video for “Truckin’ Song”!!  Check it out here!! Also placing high on the YALLWIRE Charts are our Brothers from Lexingon, KY – Fifth On The Floor with “Distant Memory Lane” and our friend Shooter Jennings with “The Deed And The Dollar.” Very excited that Shooter’s new album “Family Man” is released tomorrow, March 13 and is being celebrated with an appearance on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  We are very proud of our friends and family on much deserved success and all jacked up to announce that The Dallas Moore Band Video for “CRAZY AGAIN” will be added to the YALLWIRE playlist in just a few weeks. Stay tuned for the debut and in the mean time you can check it out at  Thank y’all for viewing on Youtube and sharing on Facebook!

Tour 2012 is in full swing with dates coming in all over this great land including shows with David Allan Coe, Confederate Railroad and More.  Thank y’all for Ridin’ and Rollin’ with us.  See Ya Down The Road…….





SOL Records at 2012 Grammy’s, New Music & Moore!

Hey Y’all,

Sittin’ down for just a minute to make a Blog Post and say how Extremely Excited and Proud we are that Brian DeBruler and Michelle D’Amico are headin’ out to Los Angeles, California this week representin’ SOL RECORDS at the 2012 GRAMMY AWARDS!  The hours, months and years as well as blood, sweat and tears that they have put into making music and developing all of the Artists in our SOL RECORDS family are paying off in so many ways and we want to send them all of our Love, Friendship, Support and Appreciation!!


It’s been a HOT time here in the early days of 2012 at SOL RECORDS, with new music being recorded by both The Dallas Moore Band and Pure Grain. We’ve been layin’ down some Hellacious  Jams and can’t wait to release “Blessed Be The Bad Ones” later this year. Y’all stay tuned for updates regarding a Summer release and listen for many of the New songs in our Live Show!

Speaking of our Live Shows, y’all be sure and check our Tour Dates at as we have an unprecedented amount of New Dates, Venues, and Festivals being added all over this great land. We’re keepin’ the roads HOT and bringin’ the Redneck Rock N Roll Show to YOU all year long. Thank ya so very much for Rollin’ On with us!!

See Ya Down The Road…..



The Making of our New Cd “Blessed Be The Bad Ones”

Today, Thursday January 12th, we are very excited to be returning to SOL RECORDS STUDIO in Bright, Indiana  to embark on the making of our New full length Cd recording “Blessed Be The Bad Ones.”  This project will consist of 13 Dallas Moore originals, most of which are brand new and never before recorded with the exception of a couple of long forgotten  tunes that  have been given new arrangements, new lyrics and a new life.  There may also be additional Bonus tracks made available as we progress.  This is fixin’ to be our most ambitious recording effort to date and the songs really blend together perfectly.

We are taking a different approach to this project in that it will predominantly be recorded LIVE in the studio with minimal overdubs in an effort to capture the vibe and energy of our now infamous Live shows.  Brian DeBruler will return as engineer and Co-producer with Ol’ Dallas.  The Band, consisting of Reverend Bob Rutherford on Bass, Chuck Morpurgo on Guitars, Rocky Parnell on Drums and Mike Owens on Harmonica, are playing together better than ever and are collectively  raising the bar higher than ever for “Blessed Be The Bad Ones.”

Some tracks to look forward to are the title track, “Blessed Be The Bad Ones,” “Slippin’ and Slidin” (written by Dallas Moore and Rocky Parnell), a revamped version of the haunting Murder Ballad “Sweet Marie,” and well, quite frankly, EVERY track on this recording is Stand Out with absolutely NO “filler” material and each song working together to present a cohesive work.  Nothin’ but pure unadulterated Redneck Rock N Rollin’ Outlaw Music on display here in full force.  This is the album I have always wanted to make and I’m literally on FIRE with a passion and enthusiasm that I’ve never known before.

Stay tuned to The Dallas Moore Band Facebook page,, and hit “LIKE”  and also you can now follow Dallas Moore on Twitter @dallasmoore for updates throughout the entire recording sessions.  Come along and get a “Sneak Peek” into the making of the New Dallas Moore Band Album: “Blessed Be The Bad Ones.”

See Ya Down the road……DALLAS



2011 Year In Review!

Hey Y’all,

Lookin’ back on on the great year that was 2011 with a head and heart full of memories I’ll have for a lifetime. Both personally and professionally, this was a landmark year in my life and has set the stage for 2012 to take everything to whole new level of health, happiness and success.  In no particular order, here are some random rambling’s and bourbonically isnpired recollections of the year that was 2011!!

A highlight of my life and music career came this year with the SOL RECORDS release of our new Cd “HANK TO THANK : Live at Herzog Studio Featuring Jody Payne.”  We entered Historic Herzog Studios on the 61st Anniversary of Hank Williams’ legendary Cincinnati Recording sessions and stood before a Live -Sold Out- Audience in the very spot where Ol’ Hank had recorded several of his Biggest hits and Timeless classics such as “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” “Lovesick Blues,” and “My Buckets Got A Hole In It.”  To record in such a hallowed location standing side by side with my friend, mentor and champion Jody Payne of Willie Nelson and Family and also include my Mom, Madgelee Moore on the recording and welcome her back to Herzog Studio (she recorded at Herzog in 1952 with The Buckeye Belles) was truly a high point for me. I am so very proud of my Brothers in the Band and Redneck Road Crew and glad we could all share in this historic recording. This week we were honored to have HANK TO THANK named in the Top 100 Cd’s of 2011 by CityBeat magazine. Hank to Thank is available at and  as well as i-Tunes and all Dallas Moore live Shows!

We we’re fortunate to tour the country sharing the stage with heroes and friends in 2011.  From January to December, the tour dates just kept comin’ in with Jamey Johnson, David Allan Coe, Blackberry Smoke, The Marshall Tucker Band, The KY Headhunters, John Conlee, Hayseed Dixie and the infamous Kinky Friedman, not to mention our  SOL Records family in Pure Grain and our friend Justin Wells from Fifth On The Floor.  I also had the pleasure of jammin’ many nights away with my hometown friends James Funk, Larry Mink, Hoppin’ Harry, Scott Risner and Billy Gant.  It’s a righteous feelin’ to spontaneously create music and memories with your heroes and friends and I soaked up and treasured every moment. Look for LOT’s more jams to come in 2012!


Our Record label SOL RECORDS kicked serious arse in 2011 releasing “Hank To Thank” as well as PURE GRAIN  “Sowing Seeds.”  SOL Records also produced and released our debut music video for “CRAZY AGAIN” as well as the Pure Grain videos for “Truckin’ Song” and “Cowgirl” and completely overhauled our official website  Most notable of the SOL RECORDS Success story this year was  label President Brian DeBruler receiving the 1st official invitation to the GRAMMY AWARDS in Feb. 2012, Los Angeles, California representing the entire SOL RECORDS family.  Our BIGGEST congrats to Brian  DeBruler and Michelle D’Amico. Y’all are making us VERY Proud!

Our friends Shooter Jennings and Adam Sheets spearheaded an entirely new music genre at and we were included on SOUTHERN INDEPENDENT VOLUME ONE with our song “Carolina Sunshine.”  All three compilations are available for FREE Download at and feature New music by Shooter Jennings, HellBound Glory, Drive By Truckers, Blackberry Smoke, Fifth On The Floor and Lots more. Sign the petition and get yours TODAY!

On a personal note, 2011 found my family makin’ some “Major Moves” to quote an Old Bocephus Song. I packed up my wife Jenna Danielle Moore and our trusty Canine Companion Johnny Cash, The “LAB IN BLACK” and moved out to the Country!! We are so happy in our new home I can’t believe it. I truly thank God everyday for the Peace we have found out here with the Horses and Cows and “Squirrels Gone Wild.”  I’m able to go Huntin’ with my Father In Law Wild Bill Murray (Wild Bill and his Wife Cindy are also our neighbors, livin’ just up the road) and had a purty good year for our “CEDAR HILL FARM HUNT CLUB.”  I’m proud to be a member of the “Elite Shooting Team” and can’t wait to Light it up again in the New Year.

Yet another blessing of our new location is the Riding. I realized on a little scoot one afternoon in December (Yes, we Ride YEAR ROUND!) that all the roads I used to seek out for a nice free ride are now the roads that take me home. Ya just can’t beat that at all friends. We also had several long distance rides this year of over 1,600 miles including 2 glorious runs to the Flora Bama  in Perdido Key, Florida.  The October run in particular was one of the Best Rides of my life on two wheels. What will 2012 bring??  I think y’all know the answer to that question………Light ‘er Up and Keep Rollin’ on!

As  I write this blog post on the 59th anniversary of Hank Williams’ death on my way to a “Big New Years Eve Show,” I am truly thankful to have made your acquaintance  and thank you for your continued Love, Support and Friendship.  If I have entertained you with a song or a joke or brought some good times your way, then I appreciate YOU giving me the oppurtunity to do just that and I THANK YOU!

2012 already has an amazing feel about it.  Something is in the air and the stars seem to be aligning for a year exploding with good vibes. I wish you all Peace, Love, Health, Harmony and Happiness and invite you to Ride and Roll along with Ol’ Dallas and my Redneck Rock n Roll Family. I can’t let the “cat out of the bag” just yet as far as details go, but stay tuned for a year filled with NEW Music Releases, Nationwide tour dates, New Music Videos and LOTS of twists, turns and surprises I’m sure no one is expecting.  Stay tuned my friends, the Ride is just beginning!

See Ya Down The Road…..



Farewell Jam at Southgate House

Tonite, we’ll make our final appearance at the Historic Southgate House, Newport,Kentucky. One of our favorite Honky Tonk Haunts is closing it’s doors Jan 1st 2012 and will re-open in a new location in March, 2012. I believe the new place will be a great music venue and we’ll begin a new era of making music and memories, but for now friends lets gather and raise our whiskey glass to one of the GREAT live music venues in the U.S.A. that we have been blessed to have right in our backyard.

We’ll send ‘er off in true Redneck Rock N Roll Style with a Helluva Honky Tonk Line-up for y’all. Our show will be held in the Parlour Upstairs and will kick off at 9:00 featuring acoustic jams from Justin Wells of Fifth On The Floor followed by a stripped down version of Pure Grain.  Ol’ Dallas and Lucky Chucky will take the stage around 11:00 and commence to renderin’ jams from Hank to Thank; Live at Herzog Studio feat. Jody Payne and debut several newly written songs from our upcoming 2012 release “Blessed Be The Bad Ones.”  We’ll bring it all home with a big ol’ jambalaya jam with everyone pickin’ together and some very special surprise guests.

2011 has been a GREAT year and we really appreciate the shows we played at the Southgate House, both on our own as well as with Hayseed Dixie and The Legendary Kinky Friedman (pictured here). 

Y’all come on down for one more round and help us toast the Southgate House, Simply The Best!!!

See Ya Down The Road……Dallas


Merry Christmas

Hey Y’all,

I wanna take just a moment and wish you all a very Merry Christmas and The Happiest of Honky Tonkin’ Holidaze! Whatever you and your family celebrate, may you be surrounded by Peace, Love and Harmony.  For any of y’all that are in need of any last minute Christmas gifts, stockin’ stuffers etc, we are giving away BOTH our “Can’t tame a Wildcat” and “Tales From A Road King” Cd’s courtesy of The Dallas Moore Band and SOL Records. Just click on the link  at and get yours NOW for a FREE DOWNLOAD! For those who already have both Cd’s, PLEASE go get more copies to have either as a backup or to share with friends this Holiday season. We are offering this deal thru January 3rd 2012, so y’all GIT AMONGST IT!  We thank you so much for your Love, Friendship and Support in making 2011 a Landmark year for us, both personally and professionally, and setting the stage for the explosion of good things comin’ in 2012.  Stay tuned and hang on friends, cuz we are fixin’ to Ride!  Merry Christmas and God Bless You all from Ol’ Dallas and My wife Mrs. Jenna Danielle Moore and on behalf of all associated with the Dallas Moore Band we THANK YOU!!! See ya down the road, DALLAS.


Life is Good!

Man,I’m lookin’ back on today’s events thus far and feelin’ very thankful. Woke up around 7:30 with my Beautiful Wife Jenna Danielle    Moore.Started things off with an early trip to the Gym and hit it hard today. Felt GREAT to get my ol’ blood pumpin’ and I’m feelin’ stronger and faster everyday. It’s kinda crazy to be 41 years old and in the best shape of my life  physically,mentally(what??) and spiritually. It was great to see so many posts on Facebook and Twitter welcoming home our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.They are True heroes I am grateful to all who have served our Country.I managed to git all of my Christmas shoppin’ wrapped up early for the 1st time in my life and even picked up a couple little treats for myself, two cd’s I got while shopping,Marty Robbins ” El Paso” and other Classic hits and The Little Willies featuring Norah Jones. Both made for great listening while I knocked out my work around the ol’ homestead this afternoon.I was able to breeze thru everything in time to fire up my Road King and light up these ol’ country roads for awhile. As I was cruisin’  around enjoyin’ all the old farmhouses and the brisk December air that I was cuttin’ through like a hot knife through butter,it came to me that all the roads I used to travel to for a good afternoon ride,are now the roads that take me Home. I’m in the best place I’ve ever been and am thankful for my wife and family,my band of brothers of the road, and all of my many friends for continued Love,Friendship and Support.Tonite, I’ll gladly crank up my old Guitar and entertain folks and perhaps enjoy a Fine Kentucky Bourbon.Life Is Good!


Welcome to my 1st Blog entry!

Helloooooo everybody!  Welcome to our New version of our Official website DALLASMOORE.COM and my very 1st Blog post.  I’ll be gettin’ on here on a regular basis to update y’all on the latest and greatest of my Hellraisin’ Honky Tonk Hijinx, Random Ramblings and Bourbonically Inspired Tales from The Road King.  Please drop by and leave me a message, sign up for our mailing list to have a chance to win FREE stuff and check out our Hottest new Music and Videos.  I’ll be updatin’ things here often so y’all join me and GIT AMONGST IT!

As for today, I feel like I got a lot done workin’ at SOL RECORDS Studio’s on our new website, preparing our upcoming radio campaign and sending out an e-blast to our mailing list with all of the latest news to start the week.  I finished up just in time to make a mad dash for the post office to mail out all the online orders of our new cd HANK TO THANK: Live at Herzog Studio featuring Jody Payne, and get a good share of my Christmas  shoppin’ wrapped up.  On my way home I stopped off to purchase a Big Ol’ X-Mas bone for my Ol’ Dog,  Johnny Cash  and hit up Hot Head Burrito w/extra straight Habenero sauce and a large root beer for my evenin’ meal.  All is well in Redneck Rock n Roll World and I wish y’all a very Merry Christmas and Honky Tonk Holiday Season.  See ya down the road……DALLAS