Taste of Country - Dallas Moore's 'Mama & Daddy' Proves Opposites Attract

By: Sterling Whitaker

Dallas Moore is paying homage to his parents and their influence in his new song, "Mama & Daddy," which debuts today exclusively with Taste of Country.

The up-tempo, exuberant track would be right at home in any barroom in the world, featuring a chugging drum track, shuffle pattern guitar rhythm tracks and punctuated by tasteful steel guitar runs. The lyrics describe the dichotomy between Moore's pious mother and his father, who was up for a good time all the time.

"Mama was a God-fearin' woman / Daddy was a hell-raisin' man / She had a Bible in the kitchen / He had a bottle in his hand / Brother, it's a fact / Opposites attract / See 'em walking hand-in-hand / Mama was a God-fearin' woman / Daddy was a hell-raisin' man," Moore sings in the chorus.

"Mama & Daddy" is the first single from Moore's upcoming album, Tryin' to Be a Blessing, which is set for release on Oct. 4 via Sol Records. The single is set to drop on Friday (Aug. 2), but Taste of Country readers are getting to hear it a day early.